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VP of Marketing

Rachel Cifu

Yale College '23
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Rachel is a senior in Yale College studying Economics and Data Science. She has worked in credit trading at MarketAxess, in Private Credit investing at BlackRock, and will work in Private Credit at KKR this summer. This spring, she also works as a Research Assistant for the Special Competitive Studies Project where she focuses on the impact of AI on US-China technoeconomic competition. At the Jackson School of Global Affairs, Rachel is part of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy and the Schmidt Program on AI, Emerging Technologies, and National Power. On campus, she was the President of Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments and TAMID, and is involved with the Yale Foreign Policy Initiative, the Hillhouse Fund at Yale, and the Yale Student Quantitative Research Group. Rachel hopes to integrate her two main interests by investing in AI technologies with national security applications after graduation.